* Wedding: Klara + Tobi

Well hello there!

This is a very special wedding for us as the groom is Jakobs ‘little’ brother. The wedding was good. Really good. Actually, punch-me-in-the-face great!

But let’s start at the beginning… Tobi and his then to be bride Klara wanted their wedding to be outside. Outdoor weddings are more than awesome, but bad weather can make things difficult pretty quickly. Let us sum up what the weather forecast read a couple of days before the wedding (in our own words): “It might be sunny the whole day but it also might be raining heavily pretty much from morning to evening. You might as well flip a coin!”

Yet, Klara and Tobi didn’t let that get them down. They hoped for the best and spent some time working on worst case scenarios. So good those weren’t needed! Even though it was raining heavily on both the day before and after the wedding day, the weather on the 12th was nothing short of perfect. We’re proud that they managed to push through the doubts and it is fair to say that it really paid off. These two celebrating their commitment together with friends and family… it all made for a day filled to the brim with joy, happiness, and laughter.

Klara and Tobi, you rock, what more can we even say?