* Styled Shoot: Wartholz

Teamwork for the win!

We’ve worked with our friends Pia and Viktoria before (see here) and were stoked when they asked us to be part of their next project. A couple of weeks later we found ourselves on the way to the beautiful Schloss Wartholz in Reichenau to film their next styled shoot.

We love working with these two wonderful ladies. It’s inspiring how incredibly hard they work to make their vision a reality. It makes us push harder, trying to keep up with them – haha! The best thing is that it’s always such a blast hanging out with them. This time they also invited Fiona who did the flowers. We are no flower experts (well, we’re guys after all…) but even to us it was obvious that Fionas flower skills are pretty badass. You can check out her incredible work here!

No-budget projects are great…

… from time to time because they allow us to try new things we probably wouldn’t do normally. This time around we had some fun with the coloring of this piece. As we all know, Pia Clodi does AMAZING analog pictures (if you haven’t seen them, you should definitely check them out here). We wanted the look of the video to match the pictures of this project. We knew that this was an impossible task from the start but that shouldn’t keep us from trying, right?

To get the best out of our cameras we set them to “flat” on the shooting day itself. It basically means, that the camera does very little adjustments on the footage. That way the camera doesn’t “think”, which is a good thing as we want to do the thinking ourselves when editing! It also means that what comes out of the camera looks “flat” i.e. gross and boring. That’s scary at first but you get used to it and it allows us to make most coloring decisions afterwards. Alright, that was enough nerd-out for now, fell free to check out some before/after pics below to see what we’re talking about.

Thanks for stopping by friends and have an amazing week!
ben and jakob