* Our Story: Sandra + Stefan

How’s it going everyone? Good? Good!

We can’t wait to share this clip with you! We get most of our inquiries through e-mails. That’s pretty cool because it helps us having everything well organized and documented. On the other hand though, we have no idea what the couple is really like until we first meet them. I guess it’s somehow like a blind date – haha! When we first met Sandra and Stefan, we knew it’s going to be epic with them. We had a great time immediately and it was less a vendor-client relationship than a friendship right from the start.

We love that! Yes, we do feel it’s important to be professional and serious about business but to us that doesn’t mean that we can’t buddy around with the people we’re working for and have a good time. Actually, we think that our best work comes from projects like that.

What’s a “Love Story”-Film?

Here is how it works: We meet the couple at a beautiful location, set up our cameras and talk with them SEPERATELY! In the meantime the other one goes for a walk, so he/she doesn’t know what we are talking about – there is no cheating allowed. We talk with them about how they met, their proposal and so on. We let them do the talking and guide with questions once in a while. After the talks we have fun with a little couple shoot to gather some additional footage for the film. We then edit the footage and show the Love Story Film at the wedding reception. That’s right – the couple doesn’t get to see the clip before either!

Sandra and Stefan both laughed when they saw us carrying our armchair in the woods but admitted that it’s pretty comfy. I mean, when do you get the opportunity to chill on an armchair in the middle of nowhere? Sometimes it’s not easy to get the chair to remote locations but to us it makes a huge difference. It’s all about the expierence, right?

We filmed this piece in the Lobau. We were lucky with the weather but not so lucky with the mosquitos. Everyone survived though and we’re happy we got to hear their great story!¬†After the wedding Sandra and Stefan told us that viewing this clip together with their friends and families was a true highlight of their wedding day. That is the biggest reward for us. Below is a picture of the two viewing the clip at their reception.

Sandra and Stefan, thanks so much for the friendship, it’s folks like you that make us love what we do so much!
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