* Slow Motion Booth

Don’t you worry, still blogging.

Today is a good one. A good one indeed. Last week we filmed the wedding of Kerstin and Bene and we did our first “Slow Motion Booth”.

We love the idea of traditional photo booths. They are always fun and bring people together. Recently we found a video of a Seattle based agency that combined the awesome idea of photo booths with video by using a slow motion camera instead of a photo camera. We’re always up for new challenges and we immediately knew that this was something we had to try on a wedding!

So the research began: What’s the right camera to use? How do we get enough light? How will the guests be able to see their videos? And of course: We need a lot of props! Another problem we had to fight with was the lack of time. We only had one week to set everything up, because Kerstin and Benes wedding was just around the corner and we had no doubt that this was the perfect wedding for our first slow motion booth. We know them very well and we know that they know how to party.

We rented a slow motion camera and two very strong HMIs to light our scene. For the background we got a huge white paper-backdrop, which turned out to be tricky to transport – I still don’t know if that was legal. Our car was full. More than full. Friends and family helped us to get all kinds of funny props. We couldn’t believe it: We got everything. And more importantly: we made it in time! Everything was set up at 3 AM in the night before the wedding. We couldn’t wait to film all the crazy guests having fun in slow motion. But at first we had to shoot a wedding.

And it was a blast. The wedding was awesome! And so was the slow motion booth in the evening. People really enjoyed it and we had so much fun filming them. Once again it turned out to be the right decision to step out of our comfort zone and try new things.

Ben and Jakob