* Fotoworkshop Foto Leutner

Hey folks,

we are always looking for new challenges. More often than not that means saying yes to things we’ve not done before. A couple of weeks ago Felix Leutner, a photographer here in Vienna, asked us to film his action-photography workshop. He told us that there will be oldtimers, models and lots of action of course. We hesitated at first, because we weren’t sure if we were the right guys for this job. But then again, we saw an opportunity to try something new and experiment with things we normally wouldn’t do. And I guess that’s where the magic happens.

We tried our best to capture the atmosphere of this perfectly organized workshop and put it in one piece. Rock Music and a “dirty” look – things we probably wouldn’t use for our wedding films. Even as videographers we learned a lot from Wolfgang and Pia. We had a great time with the whole crew, here’s the clip we made of all the action that went down on the day.

Ben and Jakob