* Wedding: Alessandra + Jakob

Hey everyone,

have we told you about our great Malibu adventure this summer? No? Well, it’s about time we do!

So we got an e-mail from Alessandra last year asking us to film her wedding. It was that kind of e-mail that makes you really excited to work with a couple. Alessandra is from Southern California and her now husband Jakob is from Innsbruck. They wanted to get married in Austria but during the booking process they had to change plans and decided to have their wedding in SoCal. For us this was sad, because we thought we wouldn’t be there to witness and document their big day.

Little did we know that they wanted us to come to California with them. Well, it didn’t take them long to convince us that this is a great idea. So good their new date was still open and a couple of months later we found ourselves on a plane to LA. We couldn’t believe our luck, actually we still can’t – haha!

We had such a great time there and Alessandras and Jakobs wedding was more than awesome. It was a beautiful day, full of emotional as well as fun moments. It was one of those days you just didn’t want to end and we feel so lucky that we got to tell their story.

Alessandra and Jakob – thank you so much for letting us be there to document just a little piece of your life. We’ll never forget your wedding day, it was that great!