Loves orange juice, playing basketball, traveling, adventures, Oreos, Starbucks and BBQ with friends.

*Survived a sandstorm in the desert while jamming to Rihanna and flew beneath the Golden Gate Bridge in a helicopter.

*When he was a kid he wanted to be a Jedi. He still tries to move things with his mind – doesn’t work, yet.

*Before sequencefive was born he studied architecture and wanted to be the next Gaudí.

*Has a tremendous weakness for good steaks.

Loves sweatpants, Super Nintendo, snowboarding, Skittles, running, pistachios, Manchester United and Zombie movies.

*He thinks that Dumb and Dumber is one of the funniest movies ever.

*Prefers National Parks to cities any day.

*Had his eyes lasered to see in full HD 24/7.

*Has a serious iPhone addiction. Yes, worse than yours.

*Can laugh at single pictures of his nephew for half an hour.

We're Ben and Jakob.
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We started Sequence Five after we realized there was a need in the industry to bring more personality and enjoyment to the process of filmmaking. When we made the decision to build this business, Jakob was writing his doctoral thesis and Ben had started studying architecture. Everyone thought we were crazy to start our own businesses as filmmakers! Honestly, the idea of building relationships and using our creativity in filmmaking just sounded more fun! We love the freedom to travel and now have more time to explore, which is amazing. Besides, we wouldn’t have met you if we stayed in our other jobs!

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