* 3PauseBox

Thinking outside the box

So… we were sitting in a café with an agency guy, who also became a good friend during the past years. “Guys, this year we want to tell the origin story of the 3Pausebox!“, he announced. The “3PauseBox” is an annual campaign, where “3” gives away little boxes with lots of goodies to remind people that it’s important to take a break from the daily routine here and there. The box includes everything you need for a short break: snacks, games and a unicorn rubber duck. This is the third year of the “3PauseBox” and they wanted us to create video content for their social media channels to promote the campaign. They came to us one month before the kickoff, so we didn’t have much time to lose.

Our briefing was to tell the origin story of the box. Of course our first approach: the production process. These boxes have to be built and all the items have to get in there. But we learned from the past that filming in a factory doesn’t look too cool, also we wanted to create a fun video that people actually want to watch. So we needed a new approach.

Hours of brainstorming went by until we realized that we are looking for a story that’s not directly the truth (filming in a factory is blah), but something that is still authentic. Something people can connect with: a character. Also we found it really cool that they put a unicorn rubber duck in the box. So we invented Daniel Gruber – a unicorn rubber duck hunter.

As hard and frustrating brainstorming sessions can be, it’s so rewarding if you finally have an idea that feels right. Filled with new motivation, we dived into this world of unicorn rubber ducks. To be honest, we weren’t sure if our client would like the idea or really hate it – there was a huge uncertainty in the room. After all, this new concept did go in a completely different direction. We sent the concept and really hoped they wouldn’t kick our asses for being so silly (“A unicorn rubber duck hunter? Are you serious?”). But one day later we got their approval.

Awesome! We don’t have to film in the factory and we have the creative freedom to make something completely silly and get paid for that. There is nothing more rewarding than a client who trusts you. A story was written and props were designed. Locations were scouted and the shooting began.

Yup, it was much more time consuming than we thought. We learned a lot and we are so thankful for our friends who helped us on this project, as craftsmen, actors and critics. Without them we would not have been able to get it done.

But the most important lesson we learned is that you should never hesitate to explore new paths. Be brave and try different approaches. We could have told the story of the production process in the factory and probably we would have found a way to create a video good enough, so our client would be satisfied. But by thinking outside the box, we found a concept that was not only much more interesting for people to watch, but also so much more fun to produce. And in the end, that’s why we started the whole sequence five thing: to spend more time on things we are passionate about – like unicorn rubber ducks. Just kidding, you know what we mean.

Cheers guys, sorry for the long post. Here is a potato that looks like a rubber duck …